I do my own marketing but would like some Marketing Mentoring

Ophidia Marketing understand that SME’s are under immense pressure to keep costs down whilst trying to grow their business. They just need someone to give them a bit of direction and bounce ideas off. They may even have an assistant to delegate work to.

The marketing mentoring program is designed to offer guidance for those wishing to handle their marketing in house.


Whether they have previously commissioned an Ophidia Marketing Strategy and Plan or purchased marketing templates, want to be kept to task or just want a keen ear marketing mentoring plans can be tailored to suit.

Marketing mentoring plans are based on 30 minutes phone meetings @ $55 Inc. GST per session. The frequency depends on requirements. Face to face available, quoted depending on requirements.

Marketing Mentoring

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What is marketing mentoring?

Even the top business coaches have mentors. It’s so much easier to appraise a business when you aren’t as close to it.

Marketing mentoring works best when you have a strategy in place, are implementing it yourself and want to touch base weekly or monthly to report on how the activity is going and get some pointers if you are off track.

Alternatively if you are just establishing a business and need some advice on what you need to do to market your business.

The regular phone meetings will help to guide you through your activities creating a sounding board to give you advice and pointers.

Don’t bury your head in the sand! Sometimes it can be hard to hold a mirror up to yourself when it comes to your business. Sometimes marketing is put in the ‘too hard’, or ‘too busy’ box. Ophidia Marketing appreciate all of this and aim to provide friendly guidance to suit your timeframes. We are not condescending or pushy. As SME’s we need to work together to support each other.

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