Wearing too many hats in your business? No time for Marketing Management?

I don’t want to hire marketing staff, can somebody manage my marketing for me?

Depending on your business size you will probably not have any marketing staff. As you grow this may change but for now you would rather outsource this function.

Outsourcing your marketing function will not only free up your time but allow you to hire specialists in the required areas. You pay for their time only when you need it and therefore haven’t got the regular staff overheads to cover when your business is quieter.


Why hire a virtual marketing team?

One marketing staff member will need to cover all aspects of the marketing mix. By hiring a virtual team you can hire a specialist in marketing management who will help to set your strategy and develop a marketing plan to implement or review and then implement your plan. They can then engage and manage specialists for you to implement this plan for example graphic designers, website developers, SEO experts, Google AdWords’ experts, social media experts, printers and telemarketing professionals.

Ongoing Marketing Service

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What can Ophidia Marketing offer?

  • Marketing Management
  • Branding
  • Website enhancement
  • SEO / SEM
  • Social media management
  • Promotional plans
  • Lead generation

Ophidia Marketing can provide a full marketing management service or manage set projects. With 20 years marketing management experience mainly gained in the corporate field we can develop and implement your plans from brand positioning right through to promotional planning.

Ophidia Marketing can provide a virtual team and manage them leaving you to focus on your business rather than in it.
We have successfully implemented teams for some great clients who have gained industry awards for their businesses.
Rates will be quoted depending on needs but are from $60.5 per hour Inc GST.

Marketing Management | Ophidia Marketing

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